Nei Gong is an unfolding process of exploring and opening the internal energy system working with the body, breath and mind. It is the internal foundation upon which all of the Daoist arts are based and the connecting link between martial arts, medicine and meditation with the Daoist tradition. It is a long path, but very fascinating in so many ways and with countless of benefits for us as we progress.

To walk this path we use several Qi Gong exercises and students are expected to develop a daily practice in order to progress. We also focus on softening the connective tissue, releasing tension in the muscles and creating an elastic and expansive feeling throughout the body.

The Nei Gong process is best suited for those adventurous in spirit, with a capacity for discipline, looking for internal transformation, and spiritual development. We train seriously but lightheartedness is an intrinsic part of the process.

Is Nei Gong for you? The Nei Gong process can be very strenuous and demanding, requiring steadfast dedication and perseverance. It is indeed a very powerful and very effective practice, but the reality is, so many people start and then realise all they actually need is to simply reduce stress levels and bring solace to body and mind.

For Nei Gong practice, a sound body and mind and a not-too-stressful lifestyle are taken for granted, as the process takes a practitioner to the edge, where real transformation can happen.

The question you should answer is: Are you at ease in life? In a time where the pace of life is growing faster, and people are more and more stretched, are you at ease? Are you sure you want to engage with a practice that will put further stress and demands on you? Or would you rather simply have gentle exercises to bring tranquillity into your life? If you are going to watch the stars, you need to have your feet on solid ground first.

Ultimately, Nei Gong is for people looking for real spiritual development. Is this what you are looking for?

Glastonbury Nei Gong

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We are affiliated to the Lotus Nei Gong International School of Daoist Arts which was established by Damo Mitchell in early 2004 in order to preserve and share authentic Daoist practice.

For more information or enquiries, please contact  Francesco Natali.

Francesco has been studying with Damo and his senior students since 2013 and he is a Qualified Instructor within Lotus Nei Gong.

Internal Energy Work

Nei Gong translates as Internal Energy Work. It is a process that has very obvious developmental markers that everyone experiences for themselves. There are many stages within the Nei Gong process and these flow naturally as the internal energy system wakes up.

Core Exercises

Our core exercises are Wu Ji, a standing exercise to awaken the Lower Dan Tian; Ji Ben Qi Gong to build good body structure, stimulate the flow of Qi and promote good health; Wu Dao Yin for energetic purging; Wu Xing Gong for good health; Dragon Dao Yin for energetic purging and opening the core congenital meridians; Hunyuan Qi Gong to move deeper into the congenital meridian system.

Song and Ting

We also emphasise Song and Ting. Song breathing is a method of releasing layers of physical, energetic and emotional tension from the body. Ting is a quality of inner attention, that enables the practitioner to observe internal energetic movement.

There are no forthcoming classes or workshops at the moment. One-to-one sessions are available on request.

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